The Most interesting holidays of the world (Photo) - Won. no
In the world there are so many different festivals, among which are very unusual and interesting. Nude holiday in Japan — Hadak Matsuri or "naked festival" which is celebrated since…

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Customs and traditions of Lezgian (with pictures)
Along with Islam in the Lezgin culture preserved the elements of pagan beliefs. To this day in the life of the Lezgian show a remarkable phenomena and items, customs and…

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Korean Camp – schedule, review, photo

Outlook — the opportunity to study in Korean language courses organized by the NGO “all-Ukrainian youth fellowship” in most of the regional cities of Ukraine: as well as the opportunity to participate in the program GNC, and become a volunteer in South. Korea for one year. Korean Camp — youth conference is an outstanding event for fans of Korean culture its language and traditions, with the participation of studenty and young people from Ukraine and Korea. The aim of the conference is the integration and communication of Ukrainian students and students who visited us from South Korea, as well as familiarizing young people with the culture and language far Korea. In the conference participated students studying in Ukraine and youth from Korea. During the program of the conference all the participants can get acquainted with guests from Korea, to study Korean during the conference, and through various workshops and master classes to learn some skills and caligrafie martial art “Taekwondo”, and more. During the evening concerts, you can plunge into a wave of Asian countries, and learn a lot. The camp offers various master-classes and one of events such as Korean K-Pop Contest.

Program Korean Camp:

1. K-Pop Contest is a Significant event of the camp, during which participants can showcase their vocal and casually abilities, but also to get the gift if you win! The basis of his speech, the contestants oberost favorite song one of the stars of Korean pop music.

2.IYF Academy an Integral part of the Korean Camp is the Academy (calligraphy, martial arts, group for the study of Korean language for beginners and higher level, dance group, Korean song K-Pop etc.) Which allow students to realize themselves and discover hidden talents.

3.Mind Lecture the Main theme of the conference is “life for others”, which is devoted to lectures which all participants have the opportunity to learn more about his inner world. The highlight of the lecture, own experiences and examples from their own lives of lecturers.

4.Sightseeing tours around the city.

During the Korean Camp, you will find a cultural program that allows you to plunge into the unique atmosphere rich in its history of the city of Odessa. You can visit outstanding monuments of history, architecture and culture of the city, which hosts the Korean Camp.

5. Cultural Performance Cultural presentations in the form of dance that await you each evening, we promise you that they will leave no one indifferent. Each performance is unique and is executed in traditional costumes accompanied with traditional music, you can feel their culture and traditions.

6. Water Olympics at the beach — an exciting team game that anybody will not leave indifferent and will bring a lot of smiles and don’t forget the experience…