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The Most interesting holidays of the world (Photo) - Won. no
In the world there are so many different festivals, among which are very unusual and interesting. Nude holiday in Japan — Hadak Matsuri or "naked festival" which is celebrated since…

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Customs and traditions of Japan

Japan – it amazing country, where live the samurai, Sakura blossoms, and on holidays on the Central streets of cities roam sham fire-breathing dragons. Actually, the Japanese – this is one of the most practical and sane of Nations. The population of this country boasts high performance in terms of longevity. So, sociological studies show that the average age of the Japanese is 77 years for women and 74 years for men. Japan also boasts one of the lowest mortality rates among countries around the world.

Japan – this country, which for centuries has not changed the interior of the premises. Here, preference is given to a greater extent natural materials. This is because here people want to be healthy, and try to live in clean homes and eat natural products. This is evident in the bills that prohibit Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages in public places. So, for this we have created a special Smoking cabins, equipped with air filtration system.

Another essential attribute of Japanese culture is the cuisine. In this country, not another love tea ceremonies and various rice dishes. If we consider traditional dishes, the most popular are sushi. The main ingredients for this delicacy are rice, specially prepared with acetic seasoning, seafood and other ingredients. Lately this dish is gaining popularity in other countries. Really, really tasty sushi can be enjoyed only in Japanese restaurants. Eating Japanese with the help of this product, as Hashi. Visually, this slim wooden sticks. For many visiting tourists at the restaurant there is a real problem in terms of eating, how to use Hashi – it is like to juggle in front of an audience.

Residents of Japan – this is a very peaceful nation. They are not warlike, and the main goal in their life is the welfare of their families and the country as a whole. It can be noted that the basic philosophy of their culture says – do no harm to another person, and not only. Generally, the peacefulness of the Japanese nation is evident throughout. For example, the nature, the citizens of this country adhere to the most modern environmental standards, which imply respect for the flora and fauna.

Also notable and tradition of welcome. The Japanese are very neat, they don’t shake each-other’s hands, and bow. This custom came from ancient times. So, the Japanese believe that a handshake can go both positive and negative energy, as well as germs and bacteria. In addition, the handshake binds man and robs him of his freedom, as many citizens of the country. It is worth noting that if you decide to go in a tourist trip to Japan, be prepared for what you will be treated the locals very politely and respectfully. It’s safe to say that the hospitality of the Japanese inherent in the blood itself.

Finally, it is worth noting that the citizens of this country are very hardworking, but, nevertheless, they like and have a good rest. Talked about it a lot of festivals, which pass annually on the grounds of this wonderful state. With a special glamor residents celebrate the new year. So, in the festive night in the sky over Japan you can see multiple fireworks . light flashes and balls of desire. In General, if you love Japanese tradition, a visit to this country, and podcherpnul a lot of new and interesting in the culture and traditions of the nation.