The strangest snacks and drinks from Japan
To convince people that the Japanese are a very strange people different from us, usually is not necessary. Agree with that many. And Bloggie you can read about the many…

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The leaves and the heads of the Beijing cabbage is eaten both fresh and in processed form. It is eaten raw, boiled, stewed. Prepare soups, use for stuffed cabbage, but…

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Japan: worst crisis since the Second world war

The authorities recognized that only in Miyagi Prefecture, the number of disaster victims can reach ten thousand. On Monday morning there were found about two thousand bodies of victims, reports the news Agency Kyodo .

From the affected areas evacuated, according to UN estimates, about 600 thousand people. The rest don’t have enough food and drink, and fuel. The authorities send in aid, however, some localities such as the city of Iwaki, with a population of 350 thousand people, after the tsunami were cut off from the world.

Aggravate the situation of the accident at Japanese NPP. There is difficult a situation at station “Fukushima-1” where Saturday’s explosion occurred on the first block and observed the emission of radiation. Authorities yesterday warned about the possibility of another explosion at the troubled third block and the nuclear meltdown. According to the Associated Press. Monday morning on the third block, two explosions occurred.

Presumably, exploded accumulated under the roof of the third reactor nuclear power plant hydrogen and the reactor itself was not damaged. Background radiation in the vicinity of the station though has improved, but, as the authorities say, were within normal limits. It is reported that missing a few people, three are wounded.

From the 20-kilometer zone around the “Fukushima-1” evacuated about 80 thousand people. Distribute protective masks and iodine. While it is known that the received radiation 22.

A state of emergency was declared Sunday at the NPP “Fukushima-2” where has failed cooling system of the reactor, as well as at the station “Onagawa” in Miyagi Prefecture, one of the blocks which stopped after the earthquake. Close the last nuclear power plant detected higher radiation levels, but on Monday morning, according to the experts of the IAEA, it dropped to normal.

Stop six nuclear power plant resulted in Japan from Monday start rolling blackouts. They raised nine prefectures inhabited by about 45 million people. In each Prefecture of electricity will not be three hours a day. The authorities urge the population to save electricity.

The Japanese government on Sunday ordered a doubling of the number of military personnel involved in the rescue work. In the land of the rising sun sent its rescue USA, France, UK and China. First time in history, Japan went Russian rescuers, from Moscow flew the Il-76 with 50 employees of the detachment of “Centrospas” and from Khabarovsk went the Mi-26. Just aid Tokyo proposed 90 countries.

The newspaper “Kommersant” informs, that now in Japan, are about 10 thousand Russian citizens, constantly or temporarily working in this country.

We will remind, on Friday morning, Moscow time at the Eastern coast of Japan there was a series of aftershocks with magnitude of 6.1 to 9. As a result a considerable part of the coast covered several waves of the tsunami. Destroyed many coastal cities and towns.

Meteorologists warned about the high probability of strong aftershocks in the next three days. On Monday morning an earthquake of magnitude of 6.2 occurred off the Eastern coast of Honshu island. Strong tremors were felt in Tokyo. About victims and destructions are not reported.