Christmas traditions
This is the most favorite and bright holiday and new year's holidays, lasting from 28 December to 4 January, are days of rest for everyone. Stops at this time practically…

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Festival of the Steel Phallus in Japan
Last weekend in the Japanese city of Kawasaki hosted the annual festival "Kanamara Matsuri" festival of the Steel Phallus The Japanese carry on their shoulders a portable altar in the…

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Travel Asia

Becoming more popular tourist vacation in exotic Asia. Ancient, thousand year old monuments and palaces, the unique nature, the diversity of national cuisine and much more attracts our tourists to these countries.

But coming on holiday to Asia, you must prepare and study the national characteristics of each country, the mentality of their residents, as the national culture of Asia is very different from European. Here are some tips a bit to adapt to the behavioral peculiarities of the national cultures of the countries of Asia.


Coming to China, the first thing you notice is that people speak too loud. This does not mean that they are angry, or show what – that aggression, such dialogues and intonation, is a national peculiarity of the Chinese.

Do not be surprise if you will approach, and will be gazed at. It is a manifestation of curiosity, not hostility. In China it is not considered strange or not decent.


Some features of the local restaurants, cafes, etc. is that Shanghai people usually do not leave a tip. Considering that enough of the service charge, which is included in the bill. But if you give 20-30 yuan tip, to worry not what will be.

Do not settle immediately on the offer to enjoy delicious, exotic and expensive dish, but if you are willing to try the fins of sharks or something – something like that – then please. It is good to order 1-2 dishes more than necessary.


Always carry the necessary amount of cash, because in China plastic cards do not have such a wide spread as in Europe or America. In establishments, catering waiters, tipping is not taken. Also, be prepared for the fact that the taxi drivers not speak English. and the car covers the carbon film. In advance, prepare a written Chinese address of your trip.

Hong Kong

In this densely populated metropolis, the highest manifestation of respect for strangers, is complete indifference to his person. But in shops, cafes, restaurants, count on top class service.

The locals at the slightest sign of ARI wearing a gauze bandage, so be very careful when you cough or sneeze.


In Mumbai, completely missing the concept of the rules of the road, in the European sense. So that crossing a road, do not wait when you stop the transport, and safely start to cross the street and hope that the machines will miss you.

In this country it’s not customary for a woman to buy alcohol or cigarettes. In General the people are friendly and welcoming.


It’s not the most friendly and open nation, but the European tour are highlighted with respectful attention.

Here ’ s every man for himself. In a crowded bus if you were a woman or a man, no one will not give way.

Even Singaporeans not know your city, so get ready to specify the desired address to several people.