Korean Camp - schedule, review, photo
Outlook — the opportunity to study in Korean language courses organized by the NGO "all-Ukrainian youth fellowship" in most of the regional cities of Ukraine: as well as the opportunity…

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Traditions of South Korea
In Korea it is customary respect for elders. Accordingly, to speak to all people you encounter in certain situations, it is necessary, depending on their social status, using a rather…

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Azerbaijan is a country of ancient traditions

While in school, I read a beautiful legend about a young amazing girl who became a victim of love’s own father.

He wanted to marry her, and to save himself from shame, the girl asked to build a high tower and jumped from there into the waves of the Caspian sea. And as soon as I had the opportunity, I decided to visit Azerbaijan and to show that the famous tower of his daughter.

The road to the hotel

In Baku we flew by plane. To our hotel was not too far away, however, being with a small child, I decided to use the taxi. Before the trip I studied the traditions and customs of this country, even as someone on a tip. It turned out that the taxi driver not to leave no reward. Just originally must specify the route and the exact fare. And so I did.


On the road my little girl fell asleep. I didn’t want to Wake her, so I asked the receptionist to help me. He carried a few suitcases and a sleeping daughter in the room. Tip in the case of delivery of Luggage be from three to five manat (the Azerbaijani national currency). But since he did me additional services, I gave the clerk 10 manat. He was pleased with. And most importantly, in the future, always on my first request fulfilled small orders. When leaving, I again thanked him several coins.

City tour and acquaintance with the waiter-guide

The next day we went to see the beauty of Baku. Of course, I started visiting with the famous seaside Boulevard. It stretches along the coast for many miles. Numerous palm trees and chestnut trees created a pleasant coolness. To see the panorama of the city from the heights, we went up the cable car to the upland Park.

Charter a bit, I went to relax in the small but cozy cafe. National dishes I loved and most famous Azerbaijani pilaf. The waiter who served us, did everything very fast and helpful. In this case, for the few minutes that he spent at my table, he managed to tell me the history of rice, its features. Surprisingly, I learned that the Azerbaijanis prepare as much as forty kinds of delicious dishes.

Still, we note the order of serving dishes. It is very unusual and distinctive, probably only for Asia. First, I brought hot black tea in glass Cup glimpse similar to a pear. These cups locals call “aradi”. Tea in them for a long time retains its flavor and remains hot.

To thank the waiter-“knows everything”, I gave him 10 manat, although in the menu it was stated that the tip is already put into a shared account and leave. Sometimes in restaurants I’m faced with the fact that people were very surprised to read in the menu about the balance grows by 5-10% (tips for staff). But institutions that valued their reputation, leaving the final choice to the customer. If you like the service, you decide whether to leave the required 10% to the waiter.

Once Azerbaijan was a stop on the Great Silk Road. It was visited by merchants from all over the world. But today it charms numerous tourists with its beauty and attractions.