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The strangest snacks and drinks from Japan

To convince people that the Japanese are a very strange people different from us, usually is not necessary. Agree with that many. And Bloggie you can read about the many unusual things, invented by the Japanese, which confirms the above. However, we are not talking about inventions, and unusual snacks and drinks that you can try in Japan.

The Japanese eat almost everything that swims in the sea, until a particularly poisonous puffer fish, when properly cooked which man painfully dying or jellyfish, which are 95 % water. In comparison, candied squid seems not such a rarity. Actually, despite the obvious presence of sugar, these squids are not sweet. Why – unknown. Apparently, the secret of the company.

Another unusual product can safely be called a cheese drink . The company “NEEDS Cheese Factory” with Hokkaido began to make a strange drink to attract the attention of the Japanese to the cheese, which this product does not enjoy great popularity. Many Japanese children do not know the taste of the cheese. At least, so said the noble rescuers of cheese from the company. By the way, non-traditional beverage can still be used as a traditional cheese sauce. But this is not so funny.

What about chewing gum with the taste of roses? After all, in Japan there is. Gum called “Otoko Kaoru” (“the Man, smelling sweet”). And the main feature of this gum is that the rose smell starts munching mouth, and sweat. Weird bubblegum was designed to blunt the natural smell of male sweat, which pours streams in the metro. We have the subway is not too sweet. Maybe it’s time to order a trial batch “Otoko Kaoru”?

Lemonade and curry – finally together! Well, in soda add different spices, like cinnamon or vanilla, but curry’s still not so common in sweet dishes. And to prevail in the taste of the drink! But Japanese lemonade with curry pushes the boundaries of conventional. Sorry, we have no opportunity to try this drink. Maybe really a good combination?

Another questionable marine snack are fried young crabs . Why the cubs – unknown. Maybe their meat is different from the adult crab meat, like a chicken from chicken. Small crabs fry everything with claws and shells, so that they may be fun to crunch, for example, in the movie. Quick breakfasts and Lunches in the office – this is another area in which you can use this snack. Just imagine the reaction of neighbors in the office to the smell of crab meat!

To curry flavored lemonade is accompanied by other weird Japanese soda. This time – this exclusive Pepsi with the taste of cucumber, yogurt and shiso (to taste this herb that resembles a cross between Basil and mint). It may have been three unsuccessful attempts by the company to break away from famous competitor (the Japanese by a significant margin prefer Coca-Cola).

And finally, you cannot miss soda water with a nice name “a surging Eel” tasteful… eel. This amazing beverage is manufactured by Japan Tobacco Inc. and, as far as we know, the Japanese, it is popular. Well, fancy anything?