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What country such and sex
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Sex in Arabic: spooky traditions – The GoGabber Forums: Discuss Business, Selling Online, Cars, Girls, Relationships, Property, News & Politics

In the Islamic world there are male sexologists who, together with their European and American colleagues are trying to understand what the sex in Arabic in our time.

So recently in Lebanon on a 3-day conference brought together graduates of related disciplines from Oxford, Columbia University, the American University in Beirut, and representatives of the younger clergy.

After the first day of work it became clear that in Islamic countries close and not that romantic sex, of which Europeans read in “the Tales of 1001 nights” Scheherazade incomparable. And there is sexual brutality, cruelty to children and bloody violence.

In some Arab States still have a medieval custom, according to which the relatives of the groom, or rather, young man, can kill the whole family of the bride was not a virgin. And the Syariah court will give the thugs only a suspended sentence, as the disgrace of the bride is considered a mitigating circumstance for such serious crimes.

Like getting married all over the world

1. Bulgarian Muslim bride from ethnic groups at very high speeds to prepare the wedding ceremony in the village of Draginovo.

2. 24-year-old Afghan bride Zahara is preparing for the marriage ceremony surrounded by the female half of both families in a local beauty salon in Bamiyan.

3. The tallest man in the world Bao Sishun with his bride Xia Suzani (in red) during the traditional Mongolian wedding ceremony on the outskirts of Erdos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous region, China.

4. Chinese shows a sign “I Agree” during the proposal of marriage to his girlfriend under water in the aquarium of Hefei.

5. The society shakes off the dust of the wedding dress with his partially destroyed shop in the suburb of Beirut.

6. Wedding dress of the Duchess of Cambridge, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, in Buckingham Palace in London.

7. The finishing touches to the Bulgarian bride’s ethnic group very high speeds.

8. Wedding photography of the American military in his helmet.

9. Home utensils and other items that will give the newlyweds a Muslim, in a warehouse before mass marriage ceremony in Ahmedabad.

10. Couples prepare for a mass marriage ceremony at the 11th Asia wedding cultural festival at Chengdu.

11. Jordanian brides waiting for the start of a mass wedding ceremony in Amman.

12. Young men and women with torches participate in the wedding procession at sunset, before the traditional “Galichnik Wedding” in the Macedonian village of Galichnik.

13. Indian Muslim woman and her friends, decorated with painting Mendy before the mass marriage ceremony in Ahmedabad.

14. Dancer from Sri Lanka adjusts decorations on her headdress is rich in anticipation of the wedding ceremony in Colombo. Weddings in this country of 20 million people – a special event, and parents start to collect the money immediately after the child is born.