Culture of Asian
The heterogeneity of society and diversity of culture of Malaysia highlighted the customs and traditions of different ethnic groups living in the country. The bulk of the population of peninsular…

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November holidays in Japan - a WOMAN's WORLD
November days can vary, for example, going to Japan, where it is a lot of variety of activities, including, probably, everyone will find something that will interest him. For example,…

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Unusual projects of houses and cottages from all over the world

To build a good house — that’s half the battle in the entire process of creating your own home )) But how to build to surprise the whole world — the task is really challenging… to help You more clearly and in more detail picture of our future housing, we have prepared for You a selection of the most interesting and unusual projects of private houses, villas and cottages… Read, enjoy, dream …

Villa Spa House Metropolis Design in Cape town. South


Spa country House is the architectural work of the company Metropolis Design . This Spa house is in a secluded location on the slopes of beautiful

of a hill in the picturesque suburb of Cape town (South Africa). Formally the architectural design of the Spa House consists of several separated sculptural forms that

actually merged into a single dynamic structure. Residence from Metropolis Design is a full service building with pool, recreational area and Spa, located in prestroika to the main building. Because the basic premise

country Villa is located within the natural slope, it seems,

if Spa is fully isolated design with all

the necessary modern amenities for a comfortable stay.

Spa House includes three levels. From the Windows of the zero floor you can see the underwater part of the pool. Here cozy

recreation room with large Windows, contrasting colors on walls dip

present in touch of peace, balance and a kind of mystery, fabulousness. On the ground floor spacious

comfortable living – Central

part of the house – gently and smoothly into the open towards the Bay terrace. On the second, the upper floor accommodates the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom,

room for massage.

The Spa centre includes a sauna, Jacuzzi and

a relaxation room. The main

the ideological center of the private Spa House from the Studio Metropolis Design is, of course,

water, which performs the most important role in creating the significance

mansion in

Cape town. From three sides the Villa is surrounded by pools

(and a separate for children) with a variety of water treatments.

The basis of this

huge architectural structures,

including pools, Lounges and guest, constructed from concrete. Top

the add-in residence is made of steel, and frame construction made

trim the Afro-Asian tree. So

by the way, the Spa exterior country house logically and harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, merges in a single whole

with the natural landscape. And the interior of Spa House Metropolis from

Design . combines simple comfort and harmony with

the environment reflects the philosophy of its exterior, increases

the concept of unity with nature.

Of course , rustic Villa from the Spa House Metropolis Design in Cape town is very impressive travelers,

spending time in these places. Otherwise, it can’t be is a magnificent architectural

construction on the hillside with access to

Bay is surprised by her divine beauty that strikes the atmosphere

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