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South Korea. Country information

What can be likened to a journey as such? One of the options – musical compositions; “consumer goods” is perceived easily and without difficulty, for the assimilation of the serious tracks required some experience. A trip to South Korea – the real VIP entertainment, usually in this country are not sent immediately in his first foreign tour.

It is a country in East Asia occupying the entire Peninsula. The name of South Korea is not official, although in the media most often this option. For centuries, the Republic of Korea sought independence from Japan and China, and therefore the influence of these countries in Korea is extremely noticeable.

Koreans practice Buddhism and Christianity, approximately half of the population indifferent to religion. The official language is Korean. English is not spoken widely, so before buying a round in South Korea better to get a PhraseBook.

Than to pay in Korea?

The national currency is the Korean won. In some shops or on the market you can pay off the US$, although in supermarkets or hotels, foreign currency not accepted. It is best to “share” at the airport of arrival, it is necessary to remember that for the importation of amounts over $10,000 require the Declaration.

The Climate Of South Korea

Winter in Korea is dry and cold, summer – humid, hot and brief. The perfect season for holidays in South Korea are autumn and spring.

Where can I go to relax in South Korea, Seoul

Of course, you should start with a visit to Seoul, the capital of the country. The first itinerary to be right at the Incheon airport, which in addition to performing transport functions is a major entertainment and shopping center.

A trip to Seoul better to plan in advance, as in the Korean capital with little in the way of entertainment. For example, if the tour to South Korea from Astana was purchased for a family vacation, we ignore the two subsequent places just will not work.

Lotte World – a huge Park where you can go skating, bowling or visit the Museum of Folk Art.

Seoul Grand Park – on site this property is a unique zoo, Botanical garden and national Museum of Art of Seoul.

In addition to Seoul’s huge popular sightseeing in Busan city (the fortress of Kymgansan is the largest protective structure Korea), Daegu (haeinsa Temple), Incheon (the fortress of Munhaksanson, Park condo Uvongo), Gwangju (the oldest Buddhist temple of Bulguksa).

Excursions – in the first place, for the most part tours in South Korea mean exactly this way of spending holidays. For a beach holiday, it is customary to go to the island of Jeju-do, here are two main tourist centre – Seogwipo and Jungmun. Entertainment is focused on tourists with good incomes – horse riding, hunting, diving.

The Museum of erotica of Jeju island

One of the most beautiful places in South Korea, the island was recognized by UNESCO as world natural heritage. So no tourist is disappointed. Although the swimming season is only two months, the island tried to make interesting, so that tourists can come here whatever the weather.

Since the island is a resort, local authorities and residents are concerned about the creation of objects that can entertain many tourists and even to increase their numbers. On the island, the mass of the Botanical gardens, the most unusual museums, parks. Here, for example, there is a tea Museum, Museum erotica, the Museum of sex and health, chocolate Museum, Museum Africa, and only in Korea Banzai Park and the largest Botanical garden in Asia. The density of such objects per unit area, the island occupies perhaps one of the first places in the world.

From natural attractions known waterfall Chongbang because it is believed that this is the only in Asia, the waterfall, falling right into the ocean. There are on the island for one “mystical” place: the stretch of road where the car with the engine switched off by itself going up the hill, defying the laws of physics. Of course, this is an optical illusion, but, they say, is very impressive. The place was found by chance, and now there constantly stop the machine to check the effect.