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5 interesting Japanese customs
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Amazing gadgets Japan. Articles, tests, reviews

What lives in the land of the rising sun? Did you know that most electronic devices sold in Japan, is intended only for the domestic market. Moreover, in Japan there are a number of brands that produce products only for your market. What is the reason for such secrecy? This is partly due to peculiar economic conditions. The Japanese consumer makes a very distinctive requirements for the different gadgets, moreover, he is willing to pay a considerable amount.

The Panasonic smartphone has impressive specifications and high quality camera

So, for example, mobile phones and smartphones produced for Japan (and in Japan) often have a great quality screen and overall much more functional than a similar device for Europe or the USA. Smartphones with hardware QWERTY keyboards in Japan is more common than in other countries (although here they are more a niche product).

A considerable ratio of smartphone market occupied by the company Sharp

Another reason pushing the Japanese to maintain their own unique electronics is that, in this country, perhaps as in no other developed cult of the consumption of domestic products. And here the word “cult” was just the place. The high average income allows the Japanese to buy, and thus to support the profitability of their own enterprises. Let us make no mistake, most of the devices manufactured in Japan, in the international market would hardly withstand competition with Chinese or Taiwan products.

Rugged notebooks are especially popular in Japan

The last one is the consumption of Japanese gadgets that we would like to highlight – in techniques and electronics in this country are a little different than in other countries. It is not made to protect electronics and use it as long as possible. Of course, here, as in any other country has its own special layer of consumers whose purpose in buying the latest and trendy gadgets, but it doesn’t change the overall picture.

In this review, we decided to concentrate not so much on electronic toys “for adults” that we’re all used smartphones, laptops, tablet computers – how many of those devices that most characteristically distinguish Japan from other countries or just seemed the most fun.

Hello Kitty!

We decided to start with a completely meaningless, but no less fun gadget (however, this definition approaches him with work). We all know the Japanese character Hello Kitty. Kind of drawn cat can be found on all sorts of accessories, right down to school bags and notebooks. The brand itself was registered in 1976 the company Sanrio and since then among the youth is a personification informal Japanese culture. The best example of this is the toy chainsaw in the style of Hello Kitty. Believe me, in our editorial was not a single person who would refuse such a gift.

Toy (?) chainsaw in the style of Hello Kitty

The next candidate for the most unusual accessory – a glowing case for Apple iPhone. Under normal lighting it is no different from ordinary rubber case, but it costs you to turn off the lights and your favorite the smartphone can be used as a lighting device. I must say that the intensity and duration of illumination is limited because used accumulative phosphor that is similar to that used in modern watches. Evil tongues say that the cases made after the spring of 2011 Shine better and brighter in mind of all the events in Japan, we’ll leave the rumors to the conscience of the commentators.