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What to bring from Japan? Souvenirs and gifts. • Japan • Asia • Countries

Mysterious Oriental country, Japan will amaze you with not only unique culture but also a lot of interesting things, fully reflects the national character of that state.

Certainly every tourist staying in Japan, was wondering what to bring from this unusual country? Let’s consider some options of gifts.

First, this is the famous netsuke, which are miniature sculptures. Most often it is the image of gods and men, and animals. Netsuke can serve as a keychain, or individual souvenir. If you would like to purchase netsuke, go to the nearest gift shop – such figures can be found in almost every.

Secondly, if you go to Japan, you should pay attention to the so-called maneki-neko. Under this name hides one of the most common Japanese Souvenirs that are made from ceramics or porcelain. The sculpture depicts a cat with the raised paw that symbolizes good fortune and luck in life. This souvenir can be found in almost any souvenir shop.

In addition, a good souvenir brought from Japan, will be a special bell called Purina. These bells are manufactured from glass or metal. Also used bamboo or ceramic. A bell attached to a piece of paper on which outlines the poetic texts. Most often you can find such bells is rounded, however, we can see the product in the form of sticks, various animals and Japanese gods.

As you know, Japanese food is now gaining more popularity. Initially, it was traditional only for Japan, but today lovers of sushi and rolls can be found in almost every corner of the globe, so the gift associated with Japanese cuisine, will be most welcome. Traditional souvenir brought from Japan, is set for Japanese cuisine, were covered with national patterns.

Lovers of comfort and stylish design will definitely appeal national dress Japanese-kimono. In this garment very comfortable to walk home, and it may be useful to you in case you decide to arrange a house party in the Japanese style immediately after the end of the trip. Kimono is made from cotton fabric, linen, silk and other fabrics. To purchase easy and convenient kimono you can in souvenir shops and clothing stores, and in specialty boutiques you will find interesting design solutions, however, and they will cost significantly more.

From Japan you can bring the original and a tea set. Typically, it includes a cast iron teapot and several small cups decorated with images from daily life of the Japanese. This set will be a necessary addition to the party in the Japanese style, but also original decorate your kitchen.

Also, if you want to breathe some life into your interior and give it a new paint, you can purchase panels in the Japanese style with the image of hieroglyphs. If you will be buying panels in a specialty store, the shop assistant will explain to you the value of each of the characters, and you can choose exactly what suits your home.

A traditional alcoholic drink in Japan is sake. His type can detect bitter and sherry tones and notes of grape, banana and Apple. If you purchase a quality drink, you’ll notice the presence of taste-ripened cheese, fresh mushrooms and soy sauce. SAC color varies from yellow amber to greenish-lemon.

Good gift from Japan will become a fan. The most common scenes depicted on fans, are drawings of cherry blossoms on the background of the monumental mount Fuji.