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Japan: worst crisis since the Second world war
The authorities recognized that only in Miyagi Prefecture, the number of disaster victims can reach ten thousand. On Monday morning there were found about two thousand bodies of victims, reports…

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Cheap tickets to South Korea in Jeonju

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Tours in chonju, South Korea

South Korea, lapped by the waters of Japan and the Yellow sea, occupies the territory on the South of the Korean Peninsula. To make an inexpensive voyage to explore the attractions of the region, it is possible, if we look to the large tour operator. Many of them can offer tours with significant discounts on last minute trips to South Korea sometimes prices go down by 20-30%. Such great deals in recent years significantly upgraded its rating on Korea among other countries in the region. An unusual combination of modern buildings and picturesque monuments of antiquity excites the imagination of travelers, forcing to come back here again and again.

Picturesque landscapes, interesting natural and historical sites, and a well-developed tourism infrastructure contribute to the influx of tourists not only from Russia. Also, do not ignore the fact that South Korea is one of the safest countries in the world. Looting and attacks are very rare, a low level of addiction, and all city blocks are well lit and constantly patrolled.

Going on a trip to South Korea, is a worthwhile inclusion in the program of a trip and quite a little tourist centre of Jeonju, capital of North jeolla province. With its small size, the resort is world famous for high level of comfort and excellent cuisine with local specialties. In addition, the city is situated so that it and the surrounding area are concentrated the most important monuments of the history of the entire state.

Located in the centre of Jeonju architectural complex of Handmail is a Museum under the open sky, with a capacity of n more than 700 buildings of different ages in the traditional Korean style. Quite often the complex hosts festivals, performances by folk groups and exhibitions.

During the reign of the Goryeo dynasty, in 1275, in Jeonju was built Confucian school. This amazing beauty of the building today is the major attraction of the city. Lovers of history particularly interesting will be visiting the Buddhist monasteries Kinbuck. Immersed in the greenery of the buildings amaze with their elegance, attracting pilgrims from all over the world.

Particularly noteworthy are the surrounding area and Jeonju. Majestic mountains surround this picturesque South Korean city. The slopes of Wangsan, Kodokan, Sorensen, Namhsan attract researchers and tourists historical monuments. The most popular route for lovers of ecotourism is the way to the top of the hill Wangsan, in the hard times of the religious wars which served as shelter for many Koreans.

Kitchen Jeonju attracts travelers and gourmets. Most recently, the city has received an award by UNESCO for “gastronomic identity”. Most of the dishes prepared according to recipes, centuries-old. Enjoy these unique dishes are not only exquisite in expensive restaurants, but in a small cafe, which can be found on all the busy streets.

The climate of South Korea lets go on vacation in Jeonju at any time of the year. Country of festivals and merry celebrations can offer entertainment for every taste.

A variety of last minute offers from tour operators allows you to organize inexpensive yet interesting and rich with bright events tour. Sang themselves to cheap tours in Thailand. Malaysia and the Philippines, gaining popularity in South Korea. Special offers and discounts will allow you to visit any country, one has only to determine in what part of the world to go during the next vacation.

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