Interesting amazing facts
1. Every 2 minutes we shoot more pictures than all of humanity took during the 19 century. 2. At the moment, 1998 is as far from us as 2030. 3.…

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Nicholas II in Nikolaev
Nicholas II Alexandrovich /Romanov/ (6(18).05.1868 Tsarskoye Selo — 17.08.1918 Ekaterinburg) — last Russian Emperor (1894-1917 gg.), the eldest son of Emperor Alexander III Alexandrovich and Empress Maria Feodorovna. His reign…

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Unusual sex traditions of different countries of the world

The fact that each country has its own laws – for anybody not a secret. No less interesting field of legislation is the topic of sex and everything connected with it. Just see what they allow!

Since each state has different laws, absurdly one another. For example, in Louisiana the condoms are only allowed to own women, and in the Connecticut contraception is banned.

In Florida men are forbidden to kiss women’s breast, and in Arizona it is forbidden to have more than two dildos.

The British are the true conservatives, so the people here are very reticent in all plans. A period of up to 3 months in prison you can get just for offering someone to have sex.

This is not surprising, because according to the poll, 80% of British women without sex for about a year.

The hottest blood live in Italy. But, as it turned out, in this country to nudity are strictly. For example, in Palermo, for male nudity to get to the police station.

Conversely, in Tropea, forbidden thins out thick and not beautiful women (Yes maybe for the better).

In some Nations of Africa allowed group sex. It is believed that such sex contributes to a good harvest.

Also, in some settlements practiced a specific style of flirting to men – his need to publicly lash with a whip and make dance.

Exotic is another name of Japan, so no new products can not do. For example, before the mother-in-law was always present during the wedding night the newlyweds.

Now, fortunately, only on the first date. With regard to sex laws, they are few. One of the most exciting – a wife is allowed to kill her husband with bare hands for treason.

If You are going to visit Ireland, don’t forget to bring the necessary quantity of condoms. In the country to buy these contraceptives will be quite problematic.

The fact that Ireland is a country of strict Catholic morality, therefore, condoms are not honored. According to the local authorities want sex solely for procreation.

Of course no sale of condoms and speech cannot be.

And here sex is welcome everywhere and always. The people of this country are convinced that sex – this is the true way to God, to engage him for a long time and with pleasure.

Not welcome here, only casual sex, sex can be engaged in only with your loved one.

Arab Emirates

Compliance with the rules of decency here follow very strictly. For example, for kissing in a public place you can get a substantial fine.

You will also be punished if brought to the territory of this country the magazines and movies that contain pictures of naked women.

In Estonian Tallinn you cannot play chess and have sex. Think! Somehow we will live without this..

In GUAM it is impossible to marry virgins.

In this regard, there are specially trained men that Rob the innocence of young girls. And for that girl and pay the money!

In Hungary you cannot have sex with the lights on.

It is not clear what purpose this law was published. Whether the electricity wanted to save, whether to protect civilians from the danger of being seen from the street. And maybe, just didn’t want to hurt the psyche of each other.

This very strict law has been published in Indonesia – a ban on Masturbation. What the authorities are not pleased with it’s harmless enough – is unclear, but for such escapades can and behind bars for 32 months to send.

Germany, as in other and many other countries of Europe is famous for the promiscuity between people.

Especially interesting the following German custom: when is the Cologne festival passers-by may seriously offer each other sex and doing them, sometimes, not even getting acquainted.