The leaves and the heads of the Beijing cabbage is eaten both fresh and in processed form. It is eaten raw, boiled, stewed. Prepare soups, use for stuffed cabbage, but…

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Traditions of South Korea
In Korea it is customary respect for elders. Accordingly, to speak to all people you encounter in certain situations, it is necessary, depending on their social status, using a rather…

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Examples of family traditions in our house

Before to give examples of family traditions, let us try to define the very notion. What actually are these little cultural customs, rules and laws of the modern world?

Section 1. Examples of family traditions. Give a General definition of the concept

To this question to find a definite and correct answer is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Why? The thing is that, as it turned out, many understand this phrase differently.

Refer to monolingual dictionaries. In most of these States, that is called the traditions adopted in the family of manners, norms, attitudes and customs that are passed from one generation to the next. They may vary depending on place of residence, customs and views. Some of them we gladly accept and ready to adopt, while others, in turn, cause confusion or even fear.

Try closing your eyes and mentally review the words “family tradition”. What associations in memory? In most cases, as a rule, situations and moments from my childhood, associated with parents and children, grandparents, something warm and dear. Meetings at the holiday table, trips to the seaside in summer or in the woods for the weekend, tea party in a close circle of relatives, favorite foods, smells and sensations.

According to psychologists, families without traditions do not exist. Just recently I asked about them at his friend. The reply was: “Yes what there customs? I and childhood plainly was not – then the orchards, the rolling-up”. But now they and the whole family gather for planting, weeding or harvesting potatoes, and canning fruits and vegetables deals in all females. So, traditions of family upbringing on the face.

In Slavic countries it is customary noisy and fun to celebrate the holidays. Feast organized in honor of birthdays, anniversaries and achievements of their own household, for example, a first step of a baby, successfully completed school, College or promotion.

Before bedtime family decided to wish good night, and young children older people tell stories or sing lullabies.

Section 3. Examples of family traditions. Fun facts

Of course, all of us, if we think, recall many such examples, which previously was not intended to be about any related customs. Theme “family tradition” is very broad and on it you can talk endlessly. However, let’s focus on something strange or unusual in the understanding of the simple Russian man.

If during your stay in Denmark you will notice posted in the Windows of the flags, know that someone is inside celebrating his birthday.

One of the Indian peoples can boast of a tradition called “Married for three days”. According to this custom, the girl enters into a brief marriage just a few days. After this period the husband is leaving her home forever and she continues to live happily, setting the stage for the desired number of lovers and actively taking gifts and attentions from other men.

In Korea it is customary to loudly slurp at the table, but only if the food you really like.

In Ireland on New year’s day never close the door no houses, no apartments. Anyone can easily drop, and it will be there as a native, sat him at the table, treated to a celebratory dinner.

Representatives of the tribe to the Ballut believe that just fighting brings together the newlyweds for real. After the wedding about any wedding night and can be no question: the wife goes to her husband’s home and batters him with all that arm will fall. This happens for as much as five days.