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Mysterious Oriental country, Japan will amaze you with not only unique culture but also a lot of interesting things, fully reflects the national character of that state. Certainly every tourist…

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Japanese new year tradition

Speaking of Japanese traditions, you have to keep in mind that the Japanese did not go systems around the clock and do not honor the national historical values. Although honor! I like that you always have the choice of style in almost any situation: a cabin on a passenger ferry from South to North can be European-style (bed) or Japanese (tatami and futon), tea at the restaurant – black English or any Japanese, as is the case with the interiors, toys, kitchenware – practically with everything. In this case, if we take, for example, a large firm, which is engaged in any conservative activity, or major holiday – there will likely prefer a traditional Japanese style of etiquette, customs and gifts. And no one will confuse what is European and what is Japanese.

The tradition of presenting Christmas gifts is also two immiscible stream: “Christmas gift” and the traditional Japanese greetings. Caps of Santa Claus boots with sweets – this in bulk, but always and everywhere there will be the opportunity to sign Japanese postcard, as expected, and to choose befitting etiquette, Japanese gift. I have no Japanese hangouts (sounds crazy, but such a life is also possible), so I never received nor sent such greetings myself, so may not know the intricacies of how it is called and how many knots are tied congratulatory ribbons But in Japanese there are Internet allowances at the new year’s etiquette

From there you can learn, for example, is issued as a gift or a card. Packing of Christmas gift should look like (this year, for example, with rabbit, although the rabbit is optional – definitely a combination of white paper and red and black “ribbons” related in this “bow”. Sorry, terminology is not good).

If the Japanese make traditional Christmas gifts, they don’t have much to puzzle, much to spend and on what. Etiquette defines a decent amount for each case: the largest is 5000 yen (about $60) usually spend on a colleague or business partner. 3000 yen ($36) – family members, friends and acquaintances, teacher of calligraphy – a gift for 2,000 yen (about $24). As you can see, the amounts are not very large. What give with this? Here, again, tradition protects the Japanese from meaningless dance between painted geese porcelain, crystal vases, perfume and hygiene kits with wholesale base. As a traditional gift you give a piece of meat only good one, of Kobe! Or a delicious dessert. Or ideologically correct set of soap. Or a set of premium juices from one manufacturer. Or sauces, jams. Great choice of accommodation – liqueurs from plums or citrus. In the guidelines for etiquette is written that the gift should demonstrate the main thing – what did you think personally about who are giving it . That is, showed the care, attention.

Here examples of elegant gifts – probably for partners on major deals, or who you owe.

Fish salmon for $ 1300. Of course, will be served chilled and Packed in a box with the right wrapper.

3 pieces of tuna 200 g that you want to slice and eat as sashimi – $ 200

On the one hand, the regulations, on the other – an infinite number of options to gladden the hearts and stomachs of loved ones But all, of course, will not support, so those who do not really deserve – cards. Now the window with Japanese (have to emphasize their style, as then there are the Christmas cards Hallmark type ) cards are in each outlet, including pharmacies. And next to them – be sure to brush because its supposed to sign in calligraphy. Heart apart sets of self-made cards: there is all sorts of three-dimensional stickers, bunnies, everything sparkles, and everything nice

And I take it as a great Christmas gift from Japan know. And that in a grocery store brought chickens whole! And legs. It is very rare – again, in the Internet you can buy, but offline in the supermarket such beauty in the course of a year will not find – all only cut small parts: breast, the most tender part of the breast, thighs, wings, skin and bones