November holidays in Japan - a WOMAN's WORLD
November days can vary, for example, going to Japan, where it is a lot of variety of activities, including, probably, everyone will find something that will interest him. For example,…

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Presentation of the Japanese holidays
In Japan celebrates 14 public holidays, on each day off. In addition to these, there are many holidays in one culture of the country came recently, others for several thousand…

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The Marriage rites and wedding traditions of the peoples of the world

There are a lot of marriage ceremonies and wedding traditions in the world. We decided to introduce you to the most unusual of them. For example, newlyweds in Albania, according to national customs and wedding traditions, the wedding night could not proceed with the execution of marital debt. To fool the evil spirits, the bride had three nights in a row to resist the newly-minted husband exactly as a respectable unmarried girl. Was deceiving spirits and ancient Europeans, however, several other method. In some of the European guests to the wedding dressed as a bride and groom. This was done to ensure that the spirits are unable to see the newlyweds in the crowd, and therefore could not spoil the holiday for them.

The young man in Bulgaria, to be considered a full groom, enough to run Apple in its much-loved darling. Wedding traditions Nicobar Islands had directed the young man to become a slave girl, whom he wanted to marry. During this slavery, which could last up to a year, the bride was determined, if she needs a husband. While in Indonesia, she generally chooses the groom. After three months, if it for any reasons does not suit her, she can choose a new one.

Marriage ceremonies in Rwanda require that the couple fed each other’s hatred. Every night after the marriage the wife should come into the house to her husband and diligent to beat him. Once the hatred is replaced by love, a woman can move into a shared house. But in neighboring Kenya new husband decided to dress up in women’s clothes. This is done so that the man could fully feel difficult and hard female share and at the same time imbued with respect for the female gender. Go to Kenyan men in female dress have sometimes up to a week.

In Japan the bride and groom traditionally drink 9 SIPS of sake. It is believed that the marriage becomes legal after the first SIP. If in Japan the head of the family is always considered male, and all Pets must obey him, in Greece everything is much more democratic in this plan. The Greeks the head of the family define a very unusual way. On the day of the wedding, the bride tries to step on the groom’s leg. And if he fails to Dodge, then according to the wedding traditions of the country, joint life all will be henpecked.

During the pre-wedding ceremonies Persian grooms had female test. The fact is that men before the wedding did epilating. In ancient Persia it was decided that on the body of her future husband was not a single hair. It is no secret that in many countries of the Arab world and Africa allowed polygamy. But in Tibet, women are allowed to have two husbands.

In Armenia, in the old days, guests generally needed no invitation to the wedding. The feast could come any who heard festive music. In Tunisia traditionally the wedding celebration continues for 7 days. While the couple and their families celebrate separately. This wedding ceremony ends with a Grand feast shared. Bedouin have taken to prepare for the wedding of a roasted camel stuffed with a sheep roast, fowl inside of which, in turn, stuffed fish, and a fish — the egg. And here is the bride from New Zealand animals were used in a different way, as wedding veils have traditionally used an inside-out pig stomach.

There are still many other funny and weird us marriage ceremonies and wedding traditions. How diverse we are with you, and so many different wedding traditions of the peoples of the world. But the main motive for marriage should always be love, despite the variety of customs and rituals.