Korean Camp - schedule, review, photo
Outlook — the opportunity to study in Korean language courses organized by the NGO "all-Ukrainian youth fellowship" in most of the regional cities of Ukraine: as well as the opportunity…

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In the long process of development formed morphostructural features of the mountains of Central Asia and Kazakhstan
In the long process of development formed morphostructural features of the mountains of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Tien Shan, Saur, Tarbagatai, Dzhungarsky Alatau, part of the ridges of the Pamirs…

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Medicinal plants – trees

Quite commonly the medicinal use of mulberry in the folk medicine . Folk medicine uses immature, freshly harvested, water infusion of the fruit of the mulberry or syrup for diarrhea (you can read about the treatment of diarrhea folk remedies ). Moreover, as advised by folk medicine, Mature fruits operate on the person, as a laxative.

The infusion and juice of the fruit of the white and black mulberry is also used as a good expectorant, diuretic and diaphoretic . Recipes of the Caucasus are preparing a syrup of black mulberry, which was used to rinse the throat and mouth, struck by the plagues. Science has long proven that fresh infusions and juice, both white of black mulberry is used as an antiseptic. Antiseptic for preparation of the infusion use two tablespoons of pre-chopped fruit, often black mulberry one Cup of boiling water. Then leave to infuse for four hours, then strain and use four times a day before meals for one-fourth of a Cup. This infusion is used for gargling and mouth.

Traditional medicine Korea applies the mulberry as a medical treatment, prepare an infusion of buds of mulberry collected in winter and used for diseases of the cardiovascular system and obesity.

In Ukrainian folk medicine is widely known for the healing properties of black and white mulberry, which is often used for the treatment of the cardiovascular system. Even doctors in some cases use the mulberry for treatment. Statistics show the results of application of different types of mulberry in the treatment of patients with heart diseases and myocardial. Patients are constantly given five times a day after eating the ripe berries at 200-350 grams. After a three-week or four-week course of treatment, patients reported improved performance and reduction of pain symptoms of the heart, reduced work capacity and shortness of breath (you can read how to treat shortness of breath ).

Mulberry in folk medicine used as a wound healing agent, used the bark of the mulberry tree. The bark of the tree thoroughly ground into powder, add 1/30 vegetable oil, liquid ointment, which are lubricated ulcers, wounds, cuts and scratches.

Sometimes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, use of a decoction of the bark of the mulberry.

In China the bark of the mulberry is included in the fees for the effective treatment of diabetes. Scientists of our country have examined the property of the cortex, consisting of the collection for diabetes and came to the conclusion that in the early stages of this disease really decreases the level of sugar, but a reliable method of treating it is not.

Mulberry fruit is recommended in fresh form in the gastro-intestinal diseases, anemia, hypertension, diseases of kidneys or the liver, heart disease. Prepared infusions from the bark of mulberry roots, as a vermifuge. White mulberry is useful for the nervous system, and black for blood.

In the Balkans and in Western Europe use mulberry in folk medicine for the treatment of diabetes, only use the dry leaves of this tree, or added to food. Scientists tend to assume that such properties of mulberry (antidiabetic effect) due to the large content of vitamin B2 group, which help to capture the glucose in the tissues.

Mulberry in folk medicine, not in all cases gives a positive result, and its effect is transient and limited. Just because this herb is also used as a Supplement to the basic treatment.

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