Unusual projects of houses and cottages from all over the world
To build a good house — that's half the battle in the entire process of creating your own home )) But how to build to surprise the whole world —…

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Exhibition of Contemporary Korean Art. St. Petersburg
From 18 to 24 August 2007 in the Central exhibition hall "Manege" will be held exhibition of contemporary Korean art "St. Petersburg – Daegu 2007". In formed of paintings, drawings…

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Seoul – capital of Korea

Seoul-South-Korea-2013Seoul is a city with 600 years of history. He is not only a centre of culture and education of Korea, but also a political and economic center of the country. Feature of Seoul is the harmonious combination of modern high-rise buildings with old buildings, such as the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Seoul with its many entertainment and shopping, such as Myeong-Dong or Apgujeong, can be called a world-class city.

Despite the similar architecture, the palaces of Seoul, each has its own character, its own special style. Gyeongbokgung, which is located in the heart of the capital – the largest of all the palaces. If You have very little time, we can restrict our visits to the Restaurants, but we must remember that there are always many tourists. A completely different atmosphere reigns in the Palace Hankenson, which is located at some distance from the city centre. Visitors there a lot less, and can safely wander through the alleys, look at the pavilions and for a moment feel like a Korean nobleman of the XVI century. If You have the time, it is best to visit one of these two palaces, and also go to the Park Pivon – former private Park of the Korean bishops. This Park is a quiet and poetic – in recent years, open only for organized visitors (several times a day guided tours in English), and so that is where the greatest extent survived to our days the beauty of Korean antiquity.

With the exception of Palace and Park complexes in Seoul are few museums in our sense of the word. Those who are interested in military history and military equipment, and a lot to lose if you do not visit at Seoul Military history Museum. This magnificent Museum, which opened a few years ago, is among the largest military-historical museums in the world, and gives very good insight not only about the Korean war of 1950-1953, which he mostly devoted to, but also about the military history of Korea at all. Interesting very large area of military equipment, where there are even B-52 (who knows – will appreciate). The Museum, like all museums of Korea, paid but inexpensive.

On the southern outskirts of Seoul and is a large entertainment complex “Seoulland”, which the Russians often called “Korean Disneyland”. There really is something like a local version of Disneyland (quite interesting place), all relying attractions and entertainment. In addition, next door is the Museum of modern art and the Seoul zoo, where you can see such animals, which in Russia is not present anywhere. Particularly interesting are the huge pools in which live seals, fur seals, sea lions and other pinnipeds handsome.

If You have more time, you should definitely go to the Museum of traditional life. This Museum is located near Suwon, a satellite city of capital Seoul. This Museum is a sort of Museum of traditional Korean architecture and way of life. Go to Korea brought preserved ancient buildings, from peasant huts to country estates and Governor’s residences. However, this Museum is alive, there are regularly held performances of folk collectives and colorful performances of traditional ceremonies. You can see there’s a wedding and a funeral, and the village festival, and much more, look at engaged in his business of blacksmiths, potters, wallets that show how he worked in the old days. There are also restaurants where you can try vintage Korean dishes, as well as souvenir shops. This Museum is located on the shore of a small lake, in a dense forest. The trip there will likely take almost the whole day, but it’s worth it.

If You only have two or three days, then spend two days in the centre of the city, visit the palaces and possibly in the Military-historical Museum, and dedicate one day trip to “Sealand” or the Museum of traditional life. If You have more time, it makes sense to visit outside of Seoul.