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Wedding traditions around the world!

Wedding traditions from different countries very different from each other. Of course, there are widespread items such as wedding rings or white dresses. Even in one country there may be variation, depending on ethnicity, culture and religious beliefs. But, as they did not differ, all practices reflect the sociality of the people, their desire to support each other for the prosperity of the entire human society with its basic unit – the family. Offer to go to different countries and see how different wedding traditions.

Bride in white from head to toe, including the face. She is dressed in a white kimono with a white hood that the bride should wear as a veil to hide the “horns of jealousy” from the groom’s mother. He, by the way, wearing a kimono of black silk. During the exchange of vows the groom and bride their families look at each other. 9 times, the couple drink sake, to demonstrate his desire to try to achieve harmony in marriage. Families also drink sake then the father of the bride is distinguished members of the families to each other. Later the bride to change kimonos in red or wear a Western wedding dress for fun and games

Wedding French Canadians

On the wedding day the groom with friends and relatives meet the bride at the threshold of her home. Together with her parents they go to Church on a specially decorated car, accompanied by the shouts and buzz signals to notify others of the joyous event. Others, in turn, should congratulate the couple, give advice or make jokes in response. After the ceremony, the brothers and sisters of the bride and groom dancing in a strange ridiculous, intentionally look stupid, socks, and the guests at the time throw them money. All the money given to the bride and groom to help the first couple. Sometimes in wedding invitations even note that the couple would prefer money to other gifts.

The bridegroom pays for his bride. This money is called “Mar” that is spent on the purchase of furniture and special decorations. After sunset begins the wedding party that the bride and groom wear their best dresses and jewelry. The entire week after the wedding, the bride’s family prepares a meal for the newlyweds.

By tradition, the day before the wedding the families of the future spouses are having a party. The bride and groom sit on a throne beneath the pines, and the guests come to him with their wishes. Pine is a symbol of fertility and good luck. Bridesmaid dress does not differ from the ordinary European, and here the bridegroom wears a special traditional costume. At the wedding the engagement rings are replaced on the engagement, after which the couple may plant the lilies around the house.

During the Polish wedding ceremony are reproduced two unique traditions. After the newlyweds exchange wedding rings parents greet them with salted bread and a Cup of wine. The bread that spouses never went hungry. Salt recalls the difficulties of family life and the need to cope with them. The second tradition: mother of the bride gather her hair and cover their heads with a white cap, which symbolizes her status of wife.

Modern Korean women prefer Western wedding dresses, but for some time still wear their traditional attire to participate in the historic ceremony. The bride’s face should be almost completely white, except for three red circles, which protect from evil spirits. The groom wears traditional baggy pants. The tradition involves the eating of a special white wine that is poured into the bowl – two halves of a gourd grown by the bride’s mother. The groom presents the bride’s mother a goose as a symbol of their wealth. In our time living goose is replaced by a wooden figure.