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What country such and sex

In this analytical article, compiled a selection of interesting facts about sex in different countries. Want to relax and take advantage of the sex tourism or going to relocate to work in another country? Be sure to read, maybe these information will help you to find a partner or to avoid mistakes.


Let’s start with China. Patriotic men only envy the Chinese, according to statistics, one Chinese guy to be around 20 sexual partners! Also it was estimated the average time sex in the country, which was about 20 minutes. In China, about 10 percent of people use toys during sex, and 24% of partners not against viewing of pornographic materials.

You formed the opinion that Chinese women are liberated and available? Maybe it is, but more than 60% of Chinese residents don’t know how to protect themselves from AIDS and other diseases related to sex. Condoms, which are manufactured in China, the company Jizzbons are 80% cheaper similar products, but their quality is very poor – 30% of cases it is a rubber product number one is torn. Be careful when buying contraceptives.


In all my life Brazilian guy has sex an average of 15 partners. The average length of sexual intercourse is 19.6 minutes. About sex toys knows 21% of the population. Virtually every sexually Mature the couple is willing to learn new poses while watching porn movies.

Despite a widespread belief that Brazilian girls are the most uninhibited, in the country there is the Church’s views and strict attitude to chastity. According to statistics, most girls marry virgins, but they resort to anal and oral sex, which will not affect them «innocent» status.


Here is the situation a little worse. For one partner to have 13 women. The average time spending on sex Japanese is 15 minutes. However, almost everyone uses sex toys during sex – 33%. In turn, 49% of couples prefer to watch porn with their partners. Japanese magazines can be boldly advertised a sex toy, almost every newspaper has an erotic column. The most popular character for role-playing games in Japan is the “helpless widow”.


In this country one man can have 10 women. The average duration of sexual intercourse is 19 minutes. Porn very fond of in America, 56% regularly watch it. In turn, the sex toys also has not done without due care – 46% of couples use them during their own pleasures. At the moment the government invests huge sums of money to promote the prohibition of sexual relations before marriage. Nevertheless, statistical figures prove the opposite – people who maintain the virginity formally (as in the case of the Brazilians) very often complain of a sexually transmitted disease. They engaged in anal sex and oral sex, and after the wedding not to use contraception.

South Africa

In this country 60% of the population are avid fans of porn! It should be noted that what is called fellowship in South Africa, in European countries can be regarded as sexual harassment. Practically, the norm is sexual coercion in the work environment. It would be OK, but the people of this country very unfriendly to condoms, because of what South Africa was in the top five most infected with sexually transmitted diseases countries. According to statistics, every third woman, whose age has not exceeded 25 years to become a victim of rape.


Perhaps this is the most virtuous country in the world. For his life, a humble Indian only happens with 4 girls. About sex toys here heard only 8 percent of the population, and porn videos watch only 22%. However, almost every resident of India at least once visited a depraved city under the name of hetaerae, where they live exclusively selling women.

Recall that before this civilization gave the world an amazing book “Kama Sutra”. Today, in this country there is calm. People are marrying only virgins. However, Hindus believe that to gain some knowledge about sex. Even in some schools have certain sexual knowledge.