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Presentation on Japan – culture, customs, traditions and download for free without registration

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The text for the presentation slides “Japanese Culture”

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The great mystery of Japanese culture

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The culture of Japan is as old as the island nation itself. And the same mysterious, like the morning sun that rises over the land of the brave and wise people.

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Features of the development of Japanese culture

isolated geographical position;

the influence of Asian cultures (China, Korea);

harsh climatic conditions and life-threatening natural phenomena.

All this has developed persistent national character of the Japanese, which is reflected in literature, painting, and especially in architecture and landscape design.

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Some of the stages of development of culture of Japan

The Jomon – 10 thousand years BC – ceramics, female figurines and Dogu decoration;

Kofun – IV – VI centuries BC – culture mounds,sculpture, haniwa, cults, Taika reforms, a code of laws;
of literature;

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The art of painting

Japanese painting has its own characteristics and trends. It may not be referring to the usual residents of the mainland of the canvas.

Japanese painting features

a wide variety of styles and genres;

the invention of new forms, for example, scrolls Yamato-e that contains a horizontal arrangement of the pattern;

specifically, carriers of the divine, the unknowable and mysterious beginning, as the leading direction;

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Grey – the art of writing in Japan.

Chinese characters were borrowed by the Japanese the inhabitants of the celestial Empire. However, they put his meaning in some literal images and has created his own style of hieroglyphic images.

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The language and script of the samurai

Among all the world’s languages, Japanese is considered one of the most complex. The same characters can carry different meanings. This is due to the mixing of Chinese writing and various styles of Japanese writing characters.

The literary language of the descendants of the samurai has developed particularly rapidly in the Heian period with the emergence of new ways of writing – connect the two alphabets hiragana and katakana.

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Literary heritage. Famous aphorisms

First literary works were written in Chinese. Japanese literature gradually takes a shape. They reflect the blending of different cultures.

In the XVII-XIX centuries mystical prose develops – works-the horrors.

The original Japanese poetry-haiku, haiku, Tanka. Aphoristic works, placed in the original poetic form, contain deep meaning that is associated with the life of nature.

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A special type of Japanese art – theatre is considered to be masked drama. Actors – chosen people, in beautiful masks and expensive suits.

Kabuki – the world’s most famous kind of traditional Japanese theater. Play only men who in a special way makeup.

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Japanese architecture – it’s the greatest temples with tiered roofs. All the buildings are distinguished by simplicity and laconism. Most of them are symbols of power and status in society of owners.

Contemporary architecture of Japan connects national and Western character of urban development.

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The development of cinematic art created a special technique of animation – the anime, which involves the creation of films for different target audiences, children and adults.

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Japan – a country with a difficult history. People who are forced to endure constant vagaries of nature and have experienced much hardship due to external enemies, to have developed stability of character. This allows them to create their particular cultural world.

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