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Culture of Asian
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A-PODAROK – porcelain and Handicrafts Korea

Online gallery of arts and crafts Korea Antique Alive presents exquisite works of arts created by renowned artists of Korea, reviving Asian artistic traditions passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years.

Korean artisans have achieved outstanding success in the aesthetic of traditional Asian art, demonstrating modest natural beauty with an almost complete absence of affectation and artificiality in an elegant and graceful forms.

Antique Alive project provides the opportunity to meet with the great masters of the arts of Korea, developing and preserving for future generations the tradition of Asian art, passed down from generation to generation for several millennia. Antique Alive is dedicated to providing the site visitors the opportunity to buy their gorgeous creations, works of artisans, interior decoration and unique gifts from Korea in an online gallery and the gift shop of Antique Alive.

Antique Alive presents are performed manually by experienced craftsmen Korea

Craftsmen Korea – creators of unique outstanding aesthetic achievements in the Eastern tradition in the areas of art, such as ceramics, seladon porcelain . blue and white porcelain, mother of pearl inlay, lacquer work, sculptures of Buddha, traditional furniture, making things out of paper, the bull’s horns inlaid, decorative embroidery, bamboo blinds, wood burning, weaving with bamboo, grass weaving, jade carving, bronzes, inlaid silver wire, compasses, musical instruments, bows and arrows, knives, knitting cotton, silk and quilted products, embroidery, dyeing, construction of houses and churches, painting of buildings and temples, making tiles and woodcuts.

Among presented on the website artisans-Antique Alive some of the best craftsmen of Korea, devoted his life to polishing their hands made gifts and reached incredible heights of skill to create works of art of extraordinary beauty. Antique Alive offers visitors a rare opportunity to assess the significance of these historical cultural relics, precious artifacts of the level of Museum curiosities revived for modern homes decorations and lifestyle.

Korea – a leader in the preservation and development of arts and crafts of the East. The country has been preserving the culture, according to which the government designates historically and artistically significant traditional arts and crafts Important intangible cultural property, and the best masters in each of the arts considered as Human cultural property. Therefore, the Korean government provides various kinds of support to ensure the safe transfer of unique techniques and precious artistic traditions to future generations. The wizard presented on the website Antique Alive, all are part of the Human cultural property, and in the future, the number representing various Korean folk art and craft masters on the site will steadily grow.

Visitors to the website Antique Alive waiting for resources and in-depth information on these arts and crafts, including historical information and information on techniques and designs, as well as touching life stories of masters of folk crafts of Korea.

We invite You to take part in the history of incredible courage, passion, devotion and sacrifice shown by these craftsmen in order to achieve excellent level of performance. The creators of the site Antique Alive is hoped that the site will appeal to visitors who can enjoy the opportunity to peer into the spirit of the East with the help of these magnificent works of art created by the gifted hands of the custodians of the living traditions.

Start the exciting journey into the past with Antique Alive, and bring a piece of beauty of bygone days in your modern home!