Medicinal plants - trees
Quite commonly the medicinal use of mulberry in the folk medicine . Folk medicine uses immature, freshly harvested, water infusion of the fruit of the mulberry or syrup for diarrhea…

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What to bring from Japan? Souvenirs and gifts. • Japan • Asia • Countries
Mysterious Oriental country, Japan will amaze you with not only unique culture but also a lot of interesting things, fully reflects the national character of that state. Certainly every tourist…

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Culture of Asian

The heterogeneity of society and diversity of culture of Malaysia highlighted the customs and traditions of different ethnic groups living in the country. The bulk of the population of peninsular territory are Malay, Chinese and Indian communities. In Sarawak and Sabah are numerically dominated by the IBAN, melanau, kadazan and other dyaks; there is large Chinese Diaspora. In Sarawak is home to a large number of Malay population. For centuries Malaysia was influenced by early Buddhist and Hindu civilization, who came from India, from Java and Sumatra. In the XIV–XVI centuries along with Indian and Arab merchants came Islam, and the later Portuguese, Dutch and the British brought elements of European culture.

culture of Armenia

From the 7th century Armenia was an Outpost of Christianity in the surrounding Muslim world. In the Armenian (Monophysite) Church preserved the traditions of Eastern Christianity that resisted both its Western and Eastern branches, from which it was isolated. After Armenia lost its independence (1375) it was the Church that contributed to the survival of the Armenian people. Since the 17th century contacts with Italy and then with France and later with Russia, through which also entered Western ideas.

culture of Afghanistan

culture of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has its own unique culture and traditions. Some of them are new, others quite old, but the people of Bangladesh still follow them. And even being outside their home country regularly celebrate public holidays in their communities

culture of Burma ( Myanmar )

culture of Russia

With one hand, much of it finds a similarity of Russian culture with the cultures of the countries of Western Europe. 40% of the population consider Russia a part of Europe. On the other hand, the interests of the population are mostly focused on national culture, acquaintance with the European culture is carried out mainly through film and television.

culture of Saudi Arabia

culture of Syria

Museums and historical monuments. In the National Museum of Northern Syria in Aleppo assembled sculpture, jewelry and household items of the Sumerian, Hittite, Assyrian and Phoenician periods, monuments of the Hellenistic, Roman and Arabic cultures.

culture of Tajikistan

culture of Taiwan

The majority of the population of Taiwan farmers and city workers. Many of them United under the control of state organizations, such as trade unions, agricultural cooperatives or associations of veterans.

the culture of Turkmenistan

culture of Japan

If the ancient traditions and culture is your thing, then You can disappear for weeks in the cities of Kyoto and Nara, donating their time directly to the examination of various temples and shrines, participating in tea ceremonies, and visiting museums filled with the treasures of a rich aristocratic heritage of Japan. If you’re a fan of contemporary culture and technology, and in this case, the culture of Japan will find something surprise, since this is a real Wonderland, with the ease of participating in the race the human race under the frenzied pace of electronic music.