Azerbaijan is a country of ancient traditions
While in school, I read a beautiful legend about a young amazing girl who became a victim of love's own father. He wanted to marry her, and to save himself…

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The strangest snacks and drinks from Japan
To convince people that the Japanese are a very strange people different from us, usually is not necessary. Agree with that many. And Bloggie you can read about the many…

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Christmas traditions of different Nations

Want to celebrate the New year in a new, more interesting and more original than ever? It may be wise to use this idea for the customs and traditions of other peoples? Not proceed according to strictly specified rules, do not try to limit the style of one country, connect your imagination and sense of humor, and then the new year’s eve can turn into a night trip around the world.

The Bulgarians, following old traditions, always celebrate New year at home. With the twelfth stroke of the clock all homes for three minutes in darkness: the time of new year’s kiss replacing the toast. “Pause kisses” – the tradition of easy, a great way to avoid tedious and lengthy toasts, the need to write any special words.

The British used to order gifts in the letters addressed to Father Christmas (Father Christmas) that will be burned in the fireplace, and the smoke from the chimney all of these requests go directly to the destination. In the family circle the ceremony of distributing gifts even now often takes place in accordance with ancient tradition by drawing lots.

In Scotland there is a symbolic custom of burning the Old year and the opening of the road for a New: on the eve of setting fire to a barrel of resin and a fun crowd wheeled her through the streets. When the time is approaching twelve, the master of the house silently opens the front door and leaves it open until midnight, thus giving the opportunity to go of the Old year and go New. To visit friends in new year’s eve the Scots sent with a glass of wine, with a slice of cake and a piece of coal – in their opinion, is the best way to provide those for the whole year drinking, food and warmth.

In Italy, it is customary at the end of the year to throw out flower pots, old furniture, old clothes and shoes. The more things thrown away, the more wealth will bring coming year, but who doesn’t have old things, he is forced to throw new. The Italians are trying to go into next year with a new interior, but priodevshis in new things. They have funny vintage custom of giving New year loved ones lingerie red, as this color is considered the symbol of novelty.

In Japan New year is the biggest festival and it continues for seven days which is called “Golden week”. To celebrate the New year at sunrise, the ringing of bells for Buddhist temples. All the bells beat out 108 strikes, and each of them, leaving all the bad things there is no place in the next year. The most striking decoration Japanese house kadomatsu, which means “pine at the entrance”. Kadomatsu is a kind of Japanese greeting of the deity of the new year holiday, is made of pine, rice straw, bamboo, branches of fern and tangerine.